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Phase 4

Reception: Term 3 Expectation


Children entering Phase 4 should be able to blend and segment CVC words.

Examples of CVC Words

sat, pin, cat, dad, gas, top, kid, sock, ten, cup, rug, hop, back, fun, huff, lap, doll, mess


They will have some experience in reading simple two-syllable words, they should know letter names (the alphabet) and be able to read and spell some tricky words.

Examples of Two-Syllable Words

index, napkin, profit, limit, until, vivid, atom, exam, sadness, jacket, cricket, button, goblin, cotton, tennis, flapjack, chipmunk, sunset


The purpose Phase 4 is to consolidate children’s knowledge of graphemes in reading and spelling words containing adjacent consonants and polysyllabic words.

Examples of Words Containing Adjacent Consonants

stop, lift, hunt, tent, hand, next, golf, stand, crust, crisp, stamp, slept, blink, drank, think, crept, spring, frost

Examples of Polysyllabic Words

shampoo, chicken, handstand, desktop, helper, melting, sandpit, rooftop, carpet, zigzag


It must always be remembered that phonics is the step up to word recognition. Automatic reading of all words – decodable and tricky – is the ultimate goal. By repeated sounding and blending of words, children get to know them, and once this happens, they should be encouraged to read them straight off in reading text, rather than continuing to sound and blend them aloud because they feel that this is what is required.