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Pathways of Support

“I don’t know what’s wrong”

At times we feel low but we don’t know why and at times we feel worried but can’t explain why. Also a different times, we might feel certain ways for no reason we can think of, but it’s important to know that this is normal and everybody at some point in their lives feels this way - most of us feel overwhelmed or unsure of how we feel at least once in our lives.

It’s also normal to feel more than one emotion at a time, such as sadness and anger, or anxious and depressed. Growing up causes lots of new stresses and worries for children – for example changes of class/teacher, exam stress, falling out with friends, changes to our bodies – but they are not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


“I’m worried about them, what do I do?”

Are you a pupil who is worried about one of your friends or family members?

Are you a parent/carer who is worried about your child(ren)?

It can be hard to know what to do, or how to help the person you care about if you think they are struggling. There are people in and out of school who you can speak to who can help support you.

SENDCo Wellbeing Leaders in School Wellbeing Change Team
  • Miss Hughes-Evans
  • Miss Benton
  • Mrs Birch
  • Mrs Barnard
  • Mrs Birch
  • Mrs Duggan
  • Mrs Holloway
  • Mrs Nye
  • Mr Reynolds
  • Mr Richmond
  • Mrs Wiltshire