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Zoom Ready

Please ensure your child's laptop, PC, tablet, console or phone is Zoom ready for the upcoming meetup

We know that Lockdown 3 has been hard on many of our children, staff and parents/carers. One obstacle that we have been faced with is getting everybody online in order to access Remote Learning on the school’s website as well as linking to the vast number of resources the internet has to offer.

Over a third of our children have asked for packs to be printed for them for collection and we fully understand that online learning is never going to beat pen & paper for completing work.

Also, over the last few weeks the school has worked tirelessly to ensure we have as many devices as possible to give out to our families and we now feel that we have managed to give ourselves the best chance of getting the vast majority of our children online. (internet access options are still available – please see the school’s website for details)

During the last national Lockdown, many classes took part in a lunchtime meetup, which we felt was really beneficial for our children – they got to see and speak to their friends and regain a sense of normality during a very difficult time. Unfortunately, current rules prevent this from happening again.

With Mental Health Week on the horizon, we are planning an online meetup for each class with their class teacher, which will give the children a chance to see and speak to their classmates over Zoom. Therefore, we are asking all children to get Zoom ready in order for this to work.

Zoom can be downloaded as PC app, a PC browser-extension, an Apple/Google Play (Android) app for tablets and phones or even Xbox/PlayStation.

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Please can all parents/carers try to ensure they have downloaded Zoom for whichever devices suits them this week and we will send out further instructions very soon.

Thank you for your patience during this unusual time and we look forward to seeing you!