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Zoom Meetups

Now we are in a position as a school to get children onto Zoom for online contact with classmates and teachers, this week will see two meetups for classes going live.

Parents/carers will receive a text message with the details of ID and passwords for their child’s class and the time the meeting is scheduled for (see below for class times.) Please use this information to logon to the meetup – we look forward to seeing you!

(Example: Meeting ID: 123 4567 8901 Passcode: coconuts)

Nursery Tuesday 12.30pm (Storytime with Mrs Willetts) 

RX Tuesday 9.30am & Thursday 1.00pm

RZ Tuesday 9.30am & Thursday 1.00pm

1X Tuesday 10.00am & Thursday 1.30pm

1Z Tuesday 10.00am & Thursday 1.30pm

2 Tuesday 10.30am & Thursday 2.00pm

3X Wednesday 9.30am & Friday 1.00pm

3Z Wednesday 9.30am & Friday 1.00pm

4X Wednesday 10.00am & Friday 1.30pm

4Z Wednesday 10.00am & Friday 1.30pm

5X Wednesday 10.30am & Friday 2.00pm

5Z Wednesday 10.30am & Friday 2.00pm

6X Wednesday 11.00am & Friday 2.30pm

6Z Wednesday 11.00am & Friday 2.30pm


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Will this be the only meetups with for my child over Zoom?

No. This is the start of connecting classes online together and further information will be posted in the near future.

Are my logon details safe?

Yes. And, we thank the parents/carers of the children, and the children themselves, for taking part in a preliminary online trial of this system for allowing us to see the security and functionality of this system.

Can I talk to my child’s class teacher during the meetup?

No. This is for contact between the children and their teachers. If you have any questions for your child’s class teacher please use the time you have with them during your phone calls with them.

Should I be on camera with my child?

This would not be expected. However, we understand that the youngest children may need some help and encouragement.

My child is in school currently, will they get a chance to see their classmate?

We will always endeavour to get the children of Critical Workers onto the meetup in school and this was fully successful in our first meetings so we hope this will continue. Please be aware that if you do not receive a text with the details of the meetup it is because your child is in school.