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Return to School

All pupils are welcomed back to school on Monday, 8th March.

Continuing with government guidance, times for drop-off and collection will continue to be staggered for the short-term. All families will now return to using the top gate (usual access to playground) as building work continues around the field gate entrance.

Families with siblings should drop-off at their family's earliest time and collect at their family's latest time as before. 

Class Drop-off Collection
Nursery (AM) 8.30am 11.30am
Nursery (PM) 12.30pm 3.30pm
Nursery (30hrs) 8.45am 3.15pm
Reception 9.15am 2.55pm
Year 1 9.05am 2.55pm
Year 2 9.05am 2.55pm
Year 3 8.55am 3.05pm
Year 4 8.55am 3.05pm
Year 5 8.45am 3.15pm
Year 6 8.45am 3.15pm

School Dinners

School dinners will return to normal (hot dinners, not sandwiches) so if you require a dinner, please book as you would do normally. If they choose to, children can still bring their own packed lunch as usual.

Uniform/PE Kit

Children should wear their full school uniform as usual. On PE days, children should still continue to come to school already in their PE kits.


Year-group Bubble systems will remain in place on advice from Public Health England and conditions currently remain as they did pre-Lockdown.


More information will be announced when we have it.

After School Clubs (Extra-curricular)

Clubs will pick up again and more information about which clubs are running will be released during the first.

Wraparound Care

Simply Out Of School intend to start their before-and-after-school care closer to Easter and they will release more information in due course.