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Lockdown 3 FAQs


Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from parents/carers:

Where do I access the Remote Learning?

Children who are now staying at home can access their class' work from the Remote Learning area of the website - MyMaths homework will be set as usual on Fridays. The Home Learning area of the website offers parents/carers & children links and ideas from across the web for activities they may be interested in doing.

Can I have a printed copy of the work?

Yes. Copies of the work can be printed. This will require collection from the school’s office and in order to request this please click here in order to fill out the request form (also linked in Parent FAQs). Please note that video links will still be required for some work and therefore, for the sake of the environment, it may be beneficial to collect an exercise book as a means of recording work, whilst viewing the resources, rather than having everything printed.  Please note that if packs are not collected during the week the school will assume that they are not needed for the following week as online Remote Learning is therefore accessible.

There is no need to request a pack each week as until you stop collecting them, or inform us that you don't need them again, we will continue to print from the current list. Packs will be ready for Monday mornings.

Can I have an exercise book for my child?

Yes. If needed, a table with maths and writing exercise books will be on a table at the school’s office for collection whenever is convenient. There is no need to tell us you are coming, simply help yourselves.

Will children have contact with their class teacher?

Yes. Your child’s class teacher will be calling them frequently throughout the week and and as often as is needed so please let them know. Children and parents/carers can use this opportunity to talk through their work, ask any questions and make sure they are feeling positive. Please note, due to data regulations, teacher's caller IDs will always be hidden and therefore if you have a missed called from an unknown number and wish to either check if was your child's teacher or request a call back, please call the school's office and this can be arranged.

The video link did not work. What can I do?

Links are tested and do work across a multitude of devices and this seems to be a device specific issue that has some workarounds. Copy & pasting the links into your web browser is the most common fix for this problem. Our uploaded work is uploaded as PDFs because they can be loaded in any web browser and does not require the children to have Word, etc. loaded on their devices. Although in most instances Adobe Reader is not necessary to view the PDFs, you can click here to download the program if you think it would be beneficial.

How can I get a free government-issued laptop/tablet?

Click here to go to the Laptop/iPad FAQs

I don’t have the internet, what can I do?

Click the link above for all FAQs regarding electronic devices. However, If you need a printed copy of the work please fill in the form (linked above).

Click here to read the latest news regarding increasing your mobile data allowance

Can I receive FSM vouchers/food parcels?

Food parcels and vouchers have been utilised throughout lockdown and families should now know their positions regarding this. However, if anyone has any concerns or questions whatsoever, please email the school and we will be happy to answer any questions.