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St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School's Curriculum Design

The school’s direction stems from its Mission Statement: ‘Our Catholic Mission is to enable every child to have an active mind, a sense of empathy and compassion, aspiration and ambition so that they become what God calls them to be.’  At St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, we develop pupils to become curious, creative, individuals, ready for life in the 21st century.  We play an important part in providing the means for social mobility thus with this in mind our curriculum design is based on all children being given the knowledge, skills, education, confidence, resilience and determination to succeed.

The ‘outstanding’ grade in Section 48, RE Inspection quoted, ‘The dignity of each child is the priority of the school; as a result the school provides excellent opportunities to learn, develop, grow and achieve.’ This is achieved through the delivery of a carefully sequenced, knowledge rich curriculum that is designed to inspire a life-long love of learning where every child is cared and valued. Local context is considered and any gaps from pupils’ backgrounds are filled.

Our Curriculum rationale ensures that academic success, creativity and problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience, as well as physical development, well-being and mental health are key elements that support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning. The curriculum celebrates the diversity and utilises the skills, knowledge and cultural wealth of the community while supporting the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Firstly, we understand the difference between a knowledge-rich curriculum and a curriculum that has knowledge in it. Our knowledge based curriculum is ambitious and places powerful knowledge at its heart. The content is chosen and organised carefully to ensure that it is progressive in nature from the Early Years through to Year 6.

Learning builds upon learning; we understand that children gain new knowledge only by building upon what they already know.  We are aiming for our children to ‘master’ the curriculum.  We want them to be able to use, apply and reason not just reel off unrelated facts.

For subject specific information, either use the navigation on the menu or click the links below (for each subject you will also find a Home Learning section, which will give you access to links for when your child needs further access for their education):

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