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Reading & Phonics

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 Phonics - RML

Reading at Home - This is a guide for parents when teaching RML and how your child learns to read.

Set 1 Sounds - These are the initial sounds used to teach children the sounds needed for reading. These sounds are taught in groups of five alongside the green words that they segment and blend.

Set 1 Green Words - These are a list of the green words that are taught alongside Set 1 sounds

Set 2 & 3 Sounds - Once Set 1 Sounds have been completed, the children move on to the next two sets.

Set 2a Green Words - These are a list of words that are taught alongside Set 2 sounds

Set 2b Green Words - These are a list of words that are taught alongside Set 2 sounds

Set 3 Green Words - These are a list of words that are taught alongside Set 3 sounds

Read, Write, Inc. Rhymes - Each sound has a rhyme that is taught alongside it. This is a list of all the rhymes for all Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds.

Red Words - Red words are words that are taught by sight, as they cannot be blended by children using the sounds they have been taught. This is a list of red words that are taught alongside the sounds and green words.

Phonics Lessons at Home - Each day, RWI are showing videos of lessons on how to teach sounds and green words. Please subscribe to the ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ YouTube channel to access these.



Phonics Play - Here you can access free games and resources to support your child’s phonics learning.

Phonics Pop - Phonics Pop is a bubble pop game where you can choose a set of sounds to practice and listen to; popping as many of the sounds you can.

ICT Games - A whole host of simple, interactive games.



For all the resources available online, nothing will help your child improve more than reading. This can't be stressed enough and it is important that your child reads as often as possible and sees it as a treat and not a chore.

Although many people favour owning physical books, this is not always possible and so the internet opens up a whole world of access to material online.

Please remember that reading is not just experienced through books. Magazines, newspapers, comics and audio books all play a huge part in the development of children.


World Book Day Reading Lists - This is a set of suggested books, organised into different categories and ages. This will give you some great ideas of new books for your child to read from picture books to 12+.

All Around the World

Amazing Animals

Awesome Adventures

Back in Time

Brilliant BAME

Cracking Comedy

Dystopian Tales

Empathy Reading

Fantastic Facts

Friends & Family

Futuristic Fiction

Girl Power

Looking After Yourself

Love Struck


Poems for Everyone

Reluctant Readers

Spine Tinglers

Stories for Anywhere

TBR Pile Books

Toddler / Under 2 Reading

Wonderous World

*For parents/carers of older, very capable readers, many 12+ are not necessarily inappropriate in terms of content but often in theme, meaning it may be pitched as very scary or deals with issues that are often dealt with by older children. If you feel your child needs stretching in their reading, use reviews, such as those on Goodreads, to gauge the content of the book - or better still, read the book yourself first and decide.


Carnegie and Greenaway Medal shortlistsThese have now been released and as always, there are some brilliant books there - well worth checking out.


UKLA Book Awards - This year’s UKLA Book Awards shortlists have been announced, judged by teachers. To find out which books made the shortlists, click here.


Authorfy - This website offers interactive video classes and activities from brilliant children’s authors.  It includes videos of authors reading and discussing their work and downloadable materials.  It’s free to register.


Amazon Kindle - Amazon's Kindle offers every book imaginable, ready to read on a Kindle product or through their various reader apps for iOS or Android.


FirstNews - An award-winning weekly newspaper for children. Although we have copies in school, this newspaper comes highly recommended. It is well-written, set out the same way as an adult's newspaper and includes crosswords, debates and sports.

Audible - An amazon company, which offers storybooks for all ages and this is a great way of your child hearing well-read texts, which will increase their joy of stories. This is especially useful for children who do not speak English as their first language at home.

Phoenix Comics - Sometimes reluctant readers can be eased into reading  through comics. Phoenix Comics provides a great set of illustrated works aimed at children aged 7-14, which really boosts imagination. Another highly recommended subscription.

There are many other providers of reading material online but always monitor any online purchases.

English Activity - Questioning Grid - Here is an example of how you can challenge you child whilst they are reading, examining facts and prediction.

English Activity - Inference Questions - Here is an example of how inference works within a text. This can be adapted for any passage your child is reading. (Tom's Story)

English Activity - Inference Questions - Another inference passage. (Railway Yeard)