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Art & Design

Here you will find some useful information, links & resources that parents/carers can use at home, if your child is absent from school, wants to access extra work or it is a holiday period.

Curriculum Overviews


Art & Design Idea - Portraits - Look closely at your family to create wonderful portraits. Look into what features make them different from one another.

Art & Design Idea - Observation - Draw as many things you can from looking at them not at a photo of them. Think about perspectives and distances between objects.

Art & Design Idea - Drawing something with as few lines as possible - You could even have a competition with someone else in your house. For example could you draw a face in less than seven lines?

Art & Design Idea - Research You could choose an artist (historic or contemporary) and find out as much about them as possible to complete a fact file. You could also try painting in the style of an artist.

Tate Kids - Tate Kids has tons of ideas and information for children and parents/carers to involve themselves in the world of arts.


Disney Art Attack - More child friendly activities and videos. Subscription service but free trials are available.

Art Detective - Discussions and research into art collections owned publicly.


Art & Design Idea - Toilet Roll Challenge - See what you can make out of toilet rolls. E.g.


Art & Design Idea - Imagination House - Create a house using garden pieces and an empty bottle.


DIY Projects - Ten great ideas that you can do at home including making your own wind-chimes or teepees.


Art & Design Idea - Design a Boat - Select and look at pictures of boats. Search the internet together; look at different designs for various purposes. Encourage your child to look at the materials that are used for building boats, any pulley systems and sails. Ask them to design a boat for a specific purpose (travelling, fishing, exploring), thinking carefully about the materials they would use, the way the boat would travel and how many people would be able to travel in it.

Art & Design Idea - Make a Money Box - You’ll need a box or can which you can make a slot in at the top for the money to go in. Together, decide how to create a flap through which the money box can be opened. Your child can then choose from paints, collage materials, pastels, etc. to decorate their money box.

BBC Bitesize - A good general resource for all ages.


DesignMantic - An article, which includes a list of ideas for projects at home.


Education Quizzes - Lots of quizzes for all subjects including Art & Design.