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St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, Walsall

St Thomas Canterbury Catholic School

In God's Love We Flourish
In Amore Dei Floremus

Life at St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, Walsall

Our Catholic Mission is to enable every child to have an active mind, a sense of empathy and compassion, aspiration and ambition so that they become what God calls them to be.


*NEW* Progress is being made with the FSM vouchers. The government have said they will contact schools hopefully on Monday regarding this.


We are doing everything we can to sort out vouchers for those eligible for Free School Meals. Unfortunately, this has not be as simple as we would have liked as it is not controlled by only the school. Updates will follow shortly and a text will be sent also. Thank you.


Over Friday evening and the weekend, evidence will be reviewed and collated to work out which children will be allocated for childcare in school from Monday - the parents of these children will receive a text to confirm this and which category you're child falls into (see below). If you do not receive a text by on Monday and believe you need the provision then please bring any relevant evidence to the school Office in the morning. Please be aware that children who have been absent with illness will not be considered for this provision for the next two weeks.

Category A - Place reserved for children with parent(s) who are single parent or both key workers.

Category B - Place reserved for children where one parent is a key worker - as per government guidance, we encourage these children to remain at home where possible as the children's safety is a higher priority that person inconvenience. These places will be available in the first instance but will never be available over those children in category A.

Please click here to read the latest news regarding provision in school for children of key workers

Homework / Revision Packs will be being sent home with children today and any children who have been absent should expect one sent by mail - these will all be sent out on Monday. Please be aware that if you are self-isolating, you should not be coming to the school to ask for these packs in any circumstance.



As set by the government, school will be closing from Friday for the immediate future. We are aware that parents are keen to know how this will affect them and their children and we are working hard to find the answers out to these questions. However, as a school, we are working within the directives set out by the government, whose information and advice is trickling through to the school slowly.

Many parents have asked for personalised work to be set but currently the school is still in full operation and is working hard to continue to plan and deliver lessons as normal. As this is the case, we encourage all students who are not currently in school to access online resources (links on the website) so they can continue to learn at home.

In this very difficult time, we ask for patience and compassion – the safety of our children is the most important consideration for us and when the school has more information you will be informed without haste.

Thank you.



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